The President will provide dynamic, visionary, and entrepreneurial leadership for a SPERO portfolio company. In partnership with the board, and existing leadership, the President will drive the strategic direction and agenda for the organization, as well as lead and advance effectiveness and impact in the acquisition management field. The President is responsible for directing all components of the organization, leading the staff, and ensuring a strong culture of respect, teamwork, innovation, and staff empowerment. The President ensures sound finances and operations, quality standards and effective governance by the board.

With a genuine commitment to diversity and equity, this individual will be charged with forging and strengthening relationships within and outside of the company, as well as, cultivating new ventures for the organization that best support the field. S/he will focus on integrating planning, communications, and development strategies to sustain and build the organization, raising the profile of the company and increasing the level of impact.

Under guidance of and in partnership with the board, the President will evolve the organization’s approach and culture in order to better serve funders, promote impact, advance revenue, and address a wide set of issues facing the organization in an ever-evolving climate for government contracting firm. The next leader will embody and apply core values of diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as embrace and align diverse perspectives across multi-stakeholders and multi-issues.

Specifically, the President must:

  • Be capable of leading the company through a strategic planning process during her/his first few years at the helm, in partnership with the board, and developing a vision to ensure the company's continued success and evolution in a rapidly changing environment.

  • Build the organization and the collective capacity of stakeholders to contribute to improvements in revenue and bottom line.

  • Be adept in building working relationships among stakeholders, with contract officers, and with leaders in other fields to collectively further the work of the company.


The President must have demonstrated leadership experience with a federal contracting firm, and expertise in influencing revenue, diverse stakeholders, and institutional change through thought leadership, political sophistication, persuasive communication and collaborative diversity.

S/he will bring a strong foundation of vision, leadership, organizational strategy, and culture management to evaluate the current state of the company, adapt its approach in response to external and emerging needs, and optimize its role and impact for the future.

Ideal qualifications will include:

  • Broad knowledge of Federal contracting and government relations.

  • Strategic mind to set a clear course for the organization; innovative and entrepreneurial mindset to drive organizational growth and optimization and to challenge the status quo.

  • Ability to publicly convey the work of the company and the field and to use strategic communications strategies to promote a strong external presence for the organization.

  • Ability to embrace diverse perspectives, align multi-stakeholders, and drive cohesion and unity around the universal mission to advance health.

  • Keen intellect and an active curiosity; a lifetime learner.


  • Robust understanding of and respect for the board’s role in setting strategic direction, guiding policy, governance, and managing financial and fiduciary responsibilities.

  • In partnership with and under the board’s guidance, ability to provide leadership and vision in assessing emerging needs within a changing external landscape, identifying current organizational gaps, and operationalizing a strategic direction for the future.

  • Ability to help shape, effectively communicate, and implement a cohesive mission and strategic vision, as well as the organization’s positioning in the field.

  • Demonstrated business acumen, including familiarity with nonprofit budgeting and financial reports, and working with a board to manage fiscal and fiduciary accountability.

  • Ability to create and maintain high standards of performance, still accountability, and foster innovation, continuous learning and quality improvement.

  • Thorough grasp of effective organizational development, program design, staffing structure, operational model and culture change.


  • Ability to hire, lead, supervise, and inspire qualified staff, as well as develop, maintain, and enhance an organizational infrastructure and systems to build and support growth.

  • Prudent stewardship of the organization’s financial resources.

  • Successful experience in fundraising, revenue generation, and securing resources for general operating and programmatic support; Skilled in balancing ongoing commitments and proactively seizing unanticipated opportunities that arise.

  • Proven track record of success in strategic planning, product and program development, and project implementation; ability to make and execute difficult decisions that may be necessary for the company's ongoing success and growth.

  • Strong interpersonal skills and political savviness, with a track record of participating in and fostering collaboration; ability to instill a culture of autonomy and empowerment.

  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $150,000.00 to $200,000.00 /year

Jen Coy